90s Kid’s First Games ๐Ÿ‘Š๐ŸŽฎ

As a child I was always outside playing with friends, causing mischief and getting stuck up tree’s. One thing I remember rather fondly was my Saturday mornings with my dad, watching Pokemon and playing fighting games whilst trying not to wake my mum. If my mum woke up she would come down stairs and ruin our fun ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. I chose to remember and cherish these memories of my dad because later our life’s would be plagued by his addiction so it’s good to think of the person he was and still could be. 

In no particular order here is a list of games I played as a child 

I’m on the left then it’s my cousin Amber and my good friend Gail ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘


The first game I remember really well was Crash Bandicoot. I spent hours playing this game and didn’t have the patience to complete it haha. Wrath of Cortex was another favourite of mine but the disk got scratched so I couldn’t get on to the water levels ๐Ÿ˜ฃ. As an adult I went back and downloaded wrath of cortex to then complete it and be told that I didn’t have all the white crystals so it didn’t matter because they could always regenerate #infuriating. I spent nearly 1 hour doing the final battle ๐Ÿ˜‚,  I can’t imagine I’d of had enough patience to of seen that game through to the end as a kid.

Who had the crash game boy game as a kid? Im sure crunch was just introduced then.

Does anyone else remember when burger kind had a playstation set up and had Crash Bandicoot to play?? 


Admittedly my first Spyro game was Enter the Dragonfly and I loved it, I spent hours collecting the dragon flys and gems whilst also trying to get all the levels. I’d really like to go back and play them all as an adult with alot more patience (I hope).


Being a 90s kid pokemon was huge in mine and many other kids of the eras life. You could buy all your pokemon gear at the local market, burger king had collectibles and everyone had their cards. It was a good time to be alive, gleefully playing pokemon without a care in the world. When I originally played the game I got stuck because I didn’t know how to get past Snorlax, I literally went everywhere I could thinking I had missed something. Three years later I figured out how to get past that pesky Snorlax and completed the game however Pokemon was seen as really uncool again, my heart can’t take it ๐Ÿ’”.

On a serious note thou, who had to mute the game when playing in lavender town? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ‘ป

Jak and Daxter 

I played a shit load of this game whilst staying at my best friend Zoey’s house as a kid. Her mum would make us these huge icecream Sundaes and we would scoff them down so we could get back to the living room and play the game before her brother got a hold of the controller, we’ve got our priorities right. We completed this game maybe 3 times and we were addicted, our gaming adventures stopped thou when Zoey’s house was robbed! I somehow slept through everyone discovering it in the morning…


Me and my dad would play fighting games alot, I wasn’t much good but I’d just try and button bash my way to victory.


This game was infuriating that’s all I remember and all I’ll say.

Toy Story 1

I’ve just completed the Toy Story 3 story mode on xbox, say something and it made me think of the original game, it was alot of fun and I think I will see if there’s a digital copy anywhere. 


I don’t even care what anyone thinks this game was immense, it had great game play and it had multiplayer so it was social and fun to play with friends. I would always play lil’red.


How fun was this game? It’s worth noting I never had a Nintendo it was actually my childminder who had it and a couple of other consoles. We had a Ps1 and then eventually we got a Ps2 so things like Mario, Sonic ect were never a big part of my life.


So this was is a little controversial as I was only a child playing this game, I probably didn’t understand it properly at the time but I did spend an awful lot of time playing it. 

I can remember this time where my Grampa was sitting on the couch, he must of been reading the paper or something and I was doing a mission. My mission was to kill this guy in a golf course so of course i go to the place do my usual die, learn strategy, die again, adjust strategy procedure and all the while my Grampa had been watching. I grab the golf club and beat the guy to death all the while my Grampas shouting at me because he has no frigin clue what was going on… awkward. 

Anyway that’s the games I played as a child from the 90s, there’s probably a few more but I’m shattered at its 00:37 here and I was lazy and putting off writing a blog.

Quick bit of trivia- For the first 3 years of my life I barely spoke English, Im from Scotland and we speak English. The reason I never spoke English was because I spent so much time with my dad that he could understand everything I was saying and wanted so I never had to use any other words. My speech therapist was surprised when I came in at 4 and wouldn’t shut up. I was also rather addicted to Power Rangers and would call it “PO”.

Have a good Day ๐ŸŒžor Night๐ŸŒ™.




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