Conventions, Cosplay and comic con

Ever wondered how people first start going to conventions? And what they are like? Well I’ll tell you briefly how this geeky Scottish girl with social anxiety managed to be apart of the community and how it helped shape me into the person I am today 🙈🙈

  1. Anime
  2. My First Convention
  3. Friends
  4. Cosplay 
  5. More Cons

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m not a huge fan of Anime, I just don’t have that passion or drive to really watch it anymore. I do however owe a huge part of who I am to Anime and the community.

It all started in the late 90s when pokemon was released, then Cartoon Network started airing Tenshi Muyo  (please forgive me if I spelt that wrong) and the holy grail for me as a child Dragon Ball Z. ( they would always show Dragon Ball Z when me and my dad would pick my mum up from work and I’d have to watch re runs.. I legit fell out with her because of this 😅😂💁) 

In second year of High School (Scotland doesn’t have a middle school just primary then high school at age 12), I was 14 and a somewhat strange girl joined my class, she read manga and was all weird and interesting. She let me borrow one of her Mangas named ‘Princess Ai’ and that was my first taste of Manga. 

At that point I had no clue what Manga or Anime was or that they were any different from Western Cartoons and from that point I was hooked. I bought all the how to draw Manga books I could I learned how to draw, I became apart of the online RPG OC community with like 100 naruto characters or something because that’s what cool people do right? RIGHT?!

You’d legit just take screenshots and make your character 😂😂

I tried to watch Attack on Titan, I used to have nightmares when I was a kid that giants were coming to get me, it was too real man, too real. 


As a 14 year old living in Scotland you didn’t hear an awful lot about the Anime community here, my friends liked Anime but other than that nothing. At the age of 14-15 I heard about a convention named Auchinawa held in Glasgow Scotland, I couldn’t go because the age was 16 and I can remember me and my friends honestly discussing getting Fake IDs to go to it. I like how we didn’t want fake IDs to get into a crappy pub or anything, it was so we could go to an anime convention that pretty much sums up how me and my friends were back then. 

At age 17 the convention returned now in Edinburgh the Capital. We were all so hyped up and ready to go, some of us worked weekend jobs so we saved up our pocket money for cheap cosplays we found online. 

My first cosplay was L but thankfully there is no photos of that horribly awkward cosplay haha 👏.

Shannen as Misa with no wig and me as some awkward looking Light with a bad hair cut and Hello Kitty Bag.. So kawaii 😻

Yaya Han was actually at this convention and said she liked my exs cosplay as L so there ye go, way before she was as huge as she is now. 

I met so much wonderful people from this convention who I can say are my really good friends. I later found out that it was alot of people’s first convention they had went to which was pretty cool. 


If it hadn’t been for this convention I probably wouldn’t have as big a social circle as I do now, I also wouldn’t have all the fantastic memories I have either. I don’t watch Anime anymore but my friends who I met at the con are so precious to me, we go to nights out together,hang out, go to cons and sometimes I get some gossip from Wilson which is a bonus because we’re both terrible human beings 😂😂.

I suffer from really bad anxiety, stress and depression, it’s calmed down a whole load since High school and I genuinely believe having the friends I do and building up my confidence has a whole load to do with that. My group of friends in school were outcasts who didn’t really fit into any other groups so bullying was rife towards us 🎻🎻 such sad 😭☔👏. 

Another thing I owe to going out alot more for Cons and events is that I know the city of Glasgow alot more. I live in a small town named Falkirk in central Scotland so I didn’t get out much haha. 


So I have dabbled slightly in cosplay, I have spent loads of money on fabric and equipment and I’m still heavy shite at sewing, like I’m unbearably bad and it’s just depressing haha. 

That awkward moment when you have to crop out your ex 😂👏👏👊

Me cosplaying as Kairi in a very unflattering and short dress. No.1 rule when buying cosplays, trust no bitch read those comments and reviews. 

A Halloween costume from the same year, I went to work dressed up as a Little Sister from Bioshock when other people were dressed up as geeks and cops.. I stood out like a sore thumb 🙈🙈.

Everyone does Harley at some point or another -slowly cringes- 

The worst cosplay ever, Erza from Fairy Tail. I tried to make the armour and failed but had this God awful cosplay I purchased a year before and felt compelled to wear it because two of my friends were cosplaying from fairy tail. I hated life that day aha. 

Jingle bells the Sirens Smell, Robin went away 🔧.

Poison Ivy Christmas cosplay ðŸŽ„.

Unfinished will never be finished Ashe from League of Legends cosplay 🙈 I can’t sew. Can you even carry thou? 👊

Sally from a Nightmare Before Christmas, it always an awesome go to Halloween costume as it’s not too revealing 👏.


Arrow and Canary

Jessie and James

I bought the Canary costume on a whim for Kita Con a convention based in Birmingham England, my boyfriend joined me and bought arrow 💖💖.

My all time favourite thou is last year’s Jessie and James cosplay me and Craig done for Halloween. We got so much attention of strangers on the streets and in the club and loads of photos taken of us 😄😄😄

Other Conventions 

So I’ve been to 

  • Auchinawa twice in 2010-14 Edinburgh and Glasgow where I met Craig for the first time and 4 years later started talking properly and went out after it 😚.
  • Kita con, Birmingham aka party con. I cosplayed Canary. 
  • Dee Con, Dundee so many years now.
  • Sunny con, Sunderland
  • Comic con, Glasgow 

In summary, conventions have changed my life, I went from someone with crippling social anxiety to being part of a large community I’m happy with. Take the plunge and go to a convention near you, take a friend and have a great time. Chances are you’ll meet someone who is just as excited about your favourite fandom as you are and a beautiful long lasting relationship can develop from that.


Lots of love 

Dictator Ami x 👑

Ps sorry for long post 

Pps here is a photo of when I first met Craig.. yes he is cosplaying hard gay. 



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