Tues Geek Tee of the week 💁

Lazy post here but an amazing tshirt. It’s been pretty warm here in Scotland with the occasional rainy day because ye know, Scotland and all. 

Pokemon and GOT cross over tshirt. 

Have a good night ye wee scones.




Tues Geek Tee of the week 💁

A while back I would watch Fairy Tail religiously, it would take a while to catch up again but i am considering watching it and One Piece again. 🤔🤔

Ayeeee, how cute is this plush thou. Would be good to get Carla and Panther to 😍.

Me and my friends cosplaying 💖

My bae 😍😍

Good night everyone have a good Tuesday 🤗💖🌟

Dictator Ami x 👑